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Systems & Physical Security

imageIf an organization is only as strong as its weakest link, then today’s global businesses need to take some serious precautions. But the balance between security and spending is a difficult one to achieve. Are you spending too little? Too much? Does your security plan fit with your overall risk mitigation strategy?

Protecting against information systems threats, from cyber terrorism to corporate espionage, is an increasingly complex undertaking. How does one control security across an organization with multiple business units, doing business in multiple geographies, with multiple regulatory and governance requirements? Adding to the challenges, the organizational silos often found in businesses can obscure the view of how security threats relate to overall enterprise risk. As a result, companies don’t always adequately invest in addressing the vulnerabilities that could most dramatically impact their business.

Core Systems Group can work with you to assess and refine your security plan, enabling you to say:

  • I have a big-picture view of all the security risks in my organization and their potential impacts on the business.
  • We employ best practices in information systems security.
  • Our information systems governance, standards, guidelines, and procedures are in line with corporate policies.
  • Our information systems security plan is based on our own processes and objectives, and it works.
  • Our employees are aware of, and help enforce, our security plan.

Core Systems Group can help you ensure the protection, confidentiality, integrity, and availability you demand from your information systems. We start with your overall enterprise risk management strategy and your primary sources of business value as a basis for determining your security investment needs and priorities. To help you identify critical areas of unaddressed exposure, we will work with you to assess your information systems security needs and current protective measures. We can map your security processes to your overall business model to ensure your security investments are appropriate for your own strategies and processes. In addition, we will help you review and refi ne your policies to ensure they fit with your operations, and we’ll work with you to raise awareness of policies and procedures.

Working with Core Systems Group affords you far more agility than you’ll find elsewhere. We recognize that your security needs are unique and must be tailored to address criteria such as your business model, culture, and goals. At the same time, the diverse backgrounds of the experts at Core Systems Group enable us to bring a balanced perspective to your circumstances. Our solid expertise encompasses not only security, but also business continuity, strategic risk management, crisis planning, information technology excellence, project management, and change management.

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