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Information Systems Management

imageAt its best, information technology is less about hardware, software, and networks than helping organizations achieve their business goals. As providers of information services work to align their IT investments and processes with their business model, they must make difficult decisions. Which investments yield true business value, and which don’t? What changes must be made to bring governance, processes, and frameworks to best-practice levels? What does the business require to meet its objectives?

With demand for information services frequently outpacing availability, it’s more important than ever to ensure people and assets are sharply focused on reaching corporate goals. But since few IT operations are fully integrated, it’s difficult to see how activities in different areas are interrelated, and how these activities affect business value. And with the rise of trends like outsourcing and off shoring, many IT activities are taking place outside a company’s four walls—sometimes successfully and sometimes with dismal results.

Core Systems Group will leverage its knowledge of best practices and business-driven approach to IT to help your organization reach the following goals:

  • We prioritize our technology investments based on potential business risk and expected business value.
  • Our information systems service levels and processes are aligned with our business model.
  • Our information systems organization is fully integrated.
  • We employ best-practice processes and frameworks.
  • Our human and technology resources are optimally utilized.
  • Our business and IT managers communicate regularly and understand each other’s goals.

At Core Systems Group, we believe your corporate strategy and enterprise risk management needs should drive your approach to providing information systems services. We’ll use these criteria to determine the best design for your IT organization. We can also help you integrate seemingly disparate processes so that the various parts of your organization are working together toward common goals. In addition to working with you to develop or refine the bigpicture view of your information systems organization, we will analyze your detailed processes. These steps can help you transform data elements into useful information.

Core Systems Group is well qualified to advise you on these issues because we have solid, practical field experience. Our roots lie not only in information technology, but also in strategic risk management, business continuity, crisis planning, information technology excellence, project management, and change management. We will make use of these varied perspectives to offer you a solution that is business driven, not IT driven. And because you’re working with a small and agile firm, you’ll get a solution that’s tailored specifically to your own business model and needs.

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