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IT Strategy

imageSome see information technology as a cost center, but IT can be a powerful tool to help businesses realize their strategic goals. Leading organizations turn information technology into an effective and efficient enabler by translating business value into IT mandates. Is your IT organization aligned with your corporate strategy? Is a strong IT-business partnership a priority? Do your business leaders understand the business value IT provides?

The challenges of fitting together the multiple moving pieces of an IT organization are all too familiar. Point solutions are scattered throughout the organization. Projects are often driven from the bottom up through organizational silos, making it difficult for IT to understand their value. Business managers, often unaware of IT cost drivers and constraints, may not be equipped to provide appropriate direction. In this environment, it’s extremely difficult to match IT spending with business priorities.

Core Systems Group can work with you to align your IT and business goals so that you can say:

  • Our IT model is managed, not reactive.
  • The IT services we provide are tightly linked to the business’s short- and long-term strategy and objectives.
  • Our technology managers understand how the business provides value, and our business managers understand how our technology enables value creation.
  • The structure of our IT organization refl ects our corporate organizational structure.
  • We make IT investment decisions and prioritize IT expenditures based on business value.

Core Systems Group experts will work with you to better link your business and technology strategies. We will evaluate how well your IT function and organizational structure currently support your business needs and make recommendations for improvement. We can also help you create a process roadmap that defi nes key IT activities, roles, and responsibilities. By prioritizing projects and investments, we can assist you in serving internal customers in a more effi cient and cost-eff ective manner.

At Core Systems Group, we believe technology must be considered within a larger strategic context. That’s why our fi rm includes experts from diverse backgrounds. We have deep roots in information technology, but also in business management, enterprise risk management, business continuity, crisis planning, project management, and change management. With this depth and breadth of expertise, we can help you add a more strategic dimension to your IT function.

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