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Enterprise Risk Management

imageStakeholders expect sound enterprise risk management practices—but few companies can claim that distinction. Can you? The better you understand your risks, the greater your potential reward. Create an accurate picture of your total risks, and manage them according to business value, and you’ll enjoy a far greater risk-return ratio than your peers.

Defining and appropriately addressing a company’s major risks is a huge challenge for an organization. Yet as critical as the risk reporting and escalation process is to a company’s sustainability, it’s generally tracked via static mechanisms like word processing documents or spreadsheets. The result? Complete information isn’t always shared, senior managers are missing pieces of the big picture, and assets aren’t allocated optimally.

Core Systems Group can help you tackle such challenges and adopt ERM best practices, enabling you to say:

  • I have an integrated, timely risk reporting and escalation process.
  • I know the nature and potential impact of my company’s risks.
  • Enterprise-wide risk management is an integral part in my company’s culture.
  • I prioritize risk management needs and allocate resources based on our business model.

Core Systems Group can help you evaluate your enterprise risk management goals and objectives to ensure they support your corporate strategy. We can also help you build a managed, leveraged tracking and reporting process that fits within your corporate structure and meets your operational model to assess the likelihood and potential impact of risks facing your organization—the key to prioritizing your efforts and optimally allocating your resources. Because customer success is our first concern, we will not take on projects that don’t make the appropriate use of our expertise; however, we will help you select the right partners for your specific needs.

Core Systems Group experts hail from diverse backgrounds, enabling us to bring a holistic perspective to our work. Our solid expertise encompasses not only enterprise risk management, but also includes business continuity, crisis planning, information technology excellence, project management, and change management. This unique combination of depth and breadth of expertise is important because changes in one area often have significant repercussions for others.

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