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Crisis Planning

imageWhat if…? This little question has taken on huge proportions for businesses seeking to protect value amid growing complexity and uncertainty. Most companies eventually face a crisis; few are adequately prepared. Key to this preparation is focusing your crisis planning on protecting the heart and soul of your business. Does your organization’s unique business strategy drive your crisis planning efforts?

With a long list of potential problems, it can be difficult to determine how to most effectively prepare crisis management resources. If companies haven’t adequately defined which disruptions have the potential to become material—in other words, to meet predefined impact thresholds—they may underplan, overplan, or miss important issues entirely. In addition, the more complex the organization, the harder it becomes to ensure the appropriate controls are in place.

Through its Crisis Planning service, Core Systems Group can help you prepare more effectively for the worst, enabling you to say:

  • My organization understands how crisis management links to strategic risk management and why it is a board-level issue.
  • Our crisis management planning is based on business value.
  • Our crisis management plan is complete and tested, and is prepared to address all scenarios that are material to the organization.
  • We have put the proper escalation procedures into place.

Core Systems Group can help you evaluate your crisis management plan to ensure it is tailored to your unique strategic goals and objectives. Once we review your plan, we can identify its strengths and weaknesses and suggest remedial action. If needed, we will also help you develop the definitions and vocabulary necessary to effectively respond, escalate, and communicate if disaster strikes.

At Core Systems Group, our expertise encompasses not only crisis planning, but also enterprise risk management, business continuity, information technology excellence, project management, and change management. Th is full complement of capabilities means we consider your crisis management needs within a broader strategic context.

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