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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery

imageAn effective continuity plan means there are no surprises. You can’t prevent every slowdown, shutdown, and breakdown, but you can be prepared for the possibilities. What are your most critical operations and assets? Is that where your business continuity resources are concentrated?

The more complex your business environment, the more difficult it becomes to keep your most vital business functions running regardless of the circumstances. From regulatory issues to product development delays to supplier interruptions to natural disasters, myriad external and internal risks complicate the task of protecting your business. Insufficient information sharing among departments and functions adds to the difficulties of identifying interdependencies that will adversely affect continuity, and competing priorities makes it more difficult to assign appropriate resources.

Core Systems Group’s goal is to help you craft a business continuity plan that fits your unique needs. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services are designed to enable you to make these statements with confidence:

  • I understand all my critical processes, know how quickly they must recover to avoid a material impact if disaster strikes, and have a recovery plan.
  • We allocate assets based on business value and stakeholder expectations.
  • Business continuity is built into our change management efforts.
  • Our disaster recovery plan supports our business continuity plan.
  • Business continuity considerations play an important role in asset utilization.
  • Our critical processes and functions are resilient.

Core Systems Group can help you increase the effectiveness of your continuity plans by ensuring they are complete, prioritized, and aligned with your business requirements. Since business continuity needs continually evolve, we will help you plan for tomorrow as well as be better prepared today. We will leverage our broad expertise to improve your business continuity planning, and we can help you select the right partners and tools for implementation, by applying sound practices and defining essential processes.

The experts at Core Systems Group draw from diverse backgrounds to bring a holistic perspective to your challenges and opportunities. Our solid expertise encompasses not only business continuity, but also strategic risk management, crisis planning, service continuity, availability management, security, information technology excellence, project management, and change management. With this depth and breadth of expertise, we bring unique insights into how changes in one area can influence other operations.

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